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Fountain Drinks 4.50

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Orange Crush, Dr. Pepper,

Starry (Lemon Lime), Pink Lemonade,

Iced Tea (Brisk or Raspberry)

Hot Tea 4.95 (Per Tea Bag)

S. Pellegrino Bottle 4.50

Sparkling Water

Sparkling Tap Wate2.25

Bottle Water 2.50

Apple Juice 4.50

Marble Soda 4.95

Strawberry, Mango, Melon,

Grape, Original

Shirley Temple 4.95 (No Refill)

Roy Rogers 4.95 ( No Refill)


Premium Draft


16oz, 21oz, 34oz 

4.9% alc vol


16oz, 21oz, 34oz 

5.2% alc vol


16oz, 21oz, 34oz 

4.4% alc vol

BH Mango IPA

16oz, 21oz 

6.1% alc vol

 Sierra Nevada Hazy IPA

16oz, 21oz 

6.7% alc vol


Sapporo Premium Black Can Beer

Sapporo Black

5.0% alc vol


Onibi Craft Can Beer

Yuzu White Ale

5.2% alc vol

Lychee Raspberry Sour Ale

4.2% alc vol

Peach Ale

5.5% alc vol

West Coast Double IPA

8.0% alc vol



(By the Glass Only)



Japanese Sparkling Plum



Fresh Soju

16.9% alc vol (375ml)

Strawberry Soju

13.0% alc vol (375ml)

Green Grape Soju

13.0% alc vol (375ml)

Peach Soju

13.0% alc vol (375ml)

Plum Soju

13.0% alc vol (375ml)

New Sake

Kirakucho Fox

16.5% alc vol (300ml)

Ozeki Dry

14.5% alc vol (375ml)



Hot Sake Small or Large

14.0% alc vol

Nama Cold Sake

14.0% alc vol (300ml)

Black & Gold

15.6% alc vol (750ml)

Hakutsuru Superior

14.5% alc vol (300ml)

Original Nigori

15.0% alc vol (375ml)

Strawberry Nigori

9.0% alc vol (300ml)

Hana White Peach

8.0% alc vol (375ml)

Hana Fuji Apple

8.0% alc vol (375ml)

Hana Pineapple

8.0% alc vol (375ml)

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