S P E C I A L T Y   S E A F O O D   P L A T E S


ORIGINAL SEA STEAK lightly seared sliced tuna, served with garnish, chives and classic sea steak sauce   15.50

SEA STEAK ANIMAL STYLE  lightly seared sliced tuna, topped with with sautéed grilled garlic, onion, chives, seeds, hot peppers and classic sea steak sauce   16.50

911 SEA STEAK ⚠⚠⚠ seared tuna, creamy sauces, chives & sesame seeds (oy) and (911)   15.50

FISH ON FIRE  slices of albacore tuna seasoned with hot peppers, sesame oil, seeds and a twist of lemon   15.50

GARLIC SALMON seared salmon served with smoked salmon skin, chives, seeds, and I ♥ Sushi guacamole 17.50

SPECIAL JUMBO SCALLOP seared scallop on top of cube of sushi rice, call me daddy sauce, with masago & chives   16.95

BON BON choice of tuna, salmon or yellowtail stuffed with crab meat, masago, chives with unagi sauce   15.50

BBQ SEARED ALBACORE TUNA  charred albacore tuna served with mild spicy creamy sauce, chives, seeds   15.50