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2022 Holiday Hours

We will be


on the following days:

Dec 24 (Sat)

Dec 25 (Sun)

Dec 26 (Mon)

Dec 27 (Tue)




Onibi Craft Can Beer

Japanese Flare

Ginger Honey Blonde

4.2% alc vol

Rice Lager

4.2% alc vol

Yuzu White Ale

5.2% alc vol

Lychee Raspberry Sour Ale

4.2% alc vol

​Peach Ale

5.5% alc vol

Black Lager

5.2% alc vol

Matcha Oni

6.1% alc vol


Draft Beer Choices
Sapporo 4.9% 
alc vol
Asahi 5.2% alc vol
Modelo 4.4% alc vol
Barrel House Mango IPA 6.1% alc vol
Sierra Nevada Hazy IPA 6.7% alc vol










Bottle Beer
Sapporo 4.9% 
alc vol

Asahi, 5.2% alc vol,

Terra 4.6% alc vol
Corona 4.6 % alc vol

Coors Light 4.2% alc vol




Fresh 16.9% alc vol

Grapefruit 13.0% alc vol

Green Grape13.0% alc vol

Strawberry 13.0% alc vol

Plum 13.0% alc vol 

Peach 13.0% alc vol 





Sake Choices
Hot Sake Sm 7.50 Lg 11.95
Nama Draft  300ml 11.95
Premium Horin 300ml 25.95
Hakutsuru Superior 300ml 14.95
Black n Gold 750ml 23.95
Soju Jinro 375ml 13.95

Original, Green Grape, Plum,
Strawberry, Grapefruit, Peach

Original Nigori 375ml 12.95
Strawberry Nigori 300ml 14.95
Hana Sake 375ml 15.95
White Peach, Pineapple,
Fuji Apple, Lychee

Proudly serving the
community since 2004.
Our staff wants to thank
all customers and
we hope to serve you for
many years to come.